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ABS Design Services
  Design services are available at reasonable rates. Let our background in Stainless Steel fabrication, construction equipment, hydraulics, Jigs and Fixtures and gas treatment systems, help you save time and money on your next design project. We have a unique blend of Engineering education and practical hands on experience. Unlike most design services we are skilled tradesmen who design from the perspective of both manufacturer and end user. This allows for quick design changes and turnaround, with less costly mistakes.  

Levels of design services.

  • Basic design consultation includes reviewing existing designs for obvious improvements and tweaks for faster less expensive manufacturing
  • Intermediate design, includes basic design plus multiple reviews of designs and assistance with prototyping and initial production.
  • Complete design, includes taking your project from conception to full production.


  • Have your design and manufacturing in one place.
  • No need for an internal design department, especially for small to mid size companies.
  • Concentrate on growing your business not on making a product.
  • Over 75 years of manufacturing / design experience is just a click or call away.
  • Professional drawings in a wide variety of formats
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